GameGuardian v6.0.5 Apk Download

Requirement:- Android OS
GameGuardian is an app which allows you  to get free cheats for your android games . GameGuardian is a free app tool for  rooted Android devices . is their site which gives you cheat and various codes for your android games.

Gameguardian app is a game hack/alteration tool which  provides you with some help in playing your favorite Android games. If you're stuck in a game level due,to  the games difficulties the app can assist you by providing you with some of the most reasonable cheats to beat the game. Such as more HP & SP or some better weapons and armor and whole lot more.

Download the GameGuardian now and finish your Android games.
Note: The app will requires a rooted device.

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Fragment FULL v1.3.3 build 75 Apk Download

Requirement: Android 4.1 and up

With Fragment, you now have the power to transform any image into totally unique, one-of-a-kind prismatic art you’ll want to share with everyone. Whether you’re looking to completely redefine and enhance your level of mobile photography, or simply want to add a subtle dose of creativity to your pictures, Fragment puts the artistry in your hands.It all begins with your images. Take your camera and compose a photo, or select from your Gallery. Once you have your image, the enhancing is in full effect. Unleash your inner artist and choose from a collage of inspired frames, shapes and patterns. Watch as your image is “fragmented” instantly into a myriad of prism-like glass pieces, thanks to a lightning-fast interface that works in real time. No lag time here, thank you.

Now dive in and manipulate at will. Rotate, resize, frame, drag, zoom, crop – Fragment is completely scalable and a true reflection of your imagination. Add colors and adjust levels. Desaturate. Blend. Invert. Or go for something completely random and tap shuffle. It’s all up to you where you want to take it.

Ready to share? Send your vision to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other photo enhancement apps with just a tap. Still going? Hit “Refragment” and keep creating. Simple, and yet so beautiful, isn’t it?

With Fragment, the pieces add up to something extraordinary every time.

Entirely new photo cropper!

Fixes image degradation issue.

Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Google Play Store: click here

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Gamecih v3.0.0 apk download

Requirement:- Android 1.5 and up
Playing a game in android is very fun, but if you are stuck in a level because you have to meet a minimum requirement in strength, or you have to buy some expensive equipment, it is very annoying and some time you will feel bored because you have to collect money to buy the equipment. The best solution is using gamecih apk for android.

Back in the order console day it was always fun to use cheat engines or things like Game Shark to play games with unlimited money, unlimited health or all the levels unlocked along with many many other cheats. Now there is something similar on Android called GameCIH apk.

GameCIH APK allows you to modify variables of any program you are running. Because of this power many gamer uses this program to increase their score, coins, gold coins, high score, money, level, HP and so on. Only requirement to this simple yet powerful program is you need to be rooted. The reason you can guess is Android doesn't allow one program to modify other program's value directly.

To use GameCHI you will need to be on a rooted device, otherwise it will not work. With that said, here is the quick tutorial on how to use it that b02 posted. This is taking into account you are already rooted:

  1. If you don't know what is root, or don't know how to root, you are on the wrong thread. Come back after exploring xda

  2. Download the version that you wish to use, i use older one, the reason i did that is because i didn't need the latest features of GameCIH.(about features read changelogs on gamecih site)

  3. Install it, and open, put it on your phone memory, and give it root access.

  4. When you open it, assign a key (i use VOLUME DOWN), don't exit it just use home so you can continue (for exit use menu exit).

  5. Open a game that you wish to cheat in. I personally tried it on Defenders game.

  6. Start playing the level, and pause it after taking a note how much gold/crystals/stars or anything you have.

  7. Press Volume down, Input number, and write amount of gold that have. It will list a lot of numbers and stuff, 1 of them is our gold.

  8. Press back, resume game, continue playing, kill some monsters, earn some gold, then pause again and input the new amount of gold that you have. Now it should list a single number beneath. If not repeat this step.

  9. Press o that number, modify it to amount that you want, after pressing okay, you will have the gold you  typed in.

  10. Now you can go spend what you hardly earned with cheating the game.

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Scats & Tracks of N. America apk New

Scats & Tracks of N. America apk
Scats & Tracks of N. America apk

Current Version : 1.1

Requires Android : 2.2 and up

Category : Books And Reference



Scats & Tracks of N. America apk Description

FalconGuides’ Scats and Tracks of North America – A Field Guide to the Signs of Nearly 150 Wildlife Species A coast-to-coast guide to recognizing what critters went before you—from North America’s most respected publisher of information on outdoor recreation and the great outdoors. With unparalleled content, each of the nearly 150 species in FalconGuides’ Scats and Tracks of North America is described with concisely worded yet detailed information, easily accessible by fast and easy navigation. Simple-to-use and intuitively designed, field-friendly and richly illustrated, this app is the key to starting off your outing on the right track! Was that track on the trail left by a coyote or a fox? A black bear or a grizzly? A bobwhite or a grouse? Was that scat deposited by a bobcat or a lynx? Covering the continent’s most common or characteristic species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians north of Mexico, FalconGuides’ Scats and Tracks of North America helps you determine just what has passed your way and could still be nearby. This incomparable reference also includes rare species of particular interest or significance, such as the jaguarundi, the polar bear, and the wolverine. What’s in this app: · Detailed illustrations of scats, tracks, gait patterns, and other signs of an animal’s presence, carefully organized by species, track types, and scat types. See a track with two toes forming a hard, cloven hoof? Instantly view all related tracks to determine if it’s a moose, a mule deer, or an elk. See scat that resembles cords, long and thick? Visually compare against all related scat types to determine if it’s a badger or a black bear. · Individual range maps for all species. · Easy-reference descriptions of all scats and tracks with precise measurements. · An identification key and glossary of tracking terms. Written by Dr. James C. Halfpenny, one of the world’s leading experts on animal tracking and author of numerous books on the subject of scats and tracks field identification. Illustrated by Todd Telander, an award-winning natural science illustrator, wildlife artist, and amateur tracker. Essential gear for every adventure: Outfit Your Mind™.


Scats & Tracks of N. America apk Videos and Images



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Camera Coom FX v4.1.1 apk download

Requirement:- Android 1.5 and up
The award winning camera app for Android devices!
Camera Zoom FX is now Editor's  Choice on Lifehacker, Gizmodo and SlashGear. Over 400,000 users around the world are now using Camera Zoom FX daily. Blazingly fast performance: over 90 effects render instantly on your device!


  • Optical/digital zoom (up to 6x)

  • Flash (if avail)

  • Front facing camera (if avail)

  • Customization of all hardware buttons

  • Live previews of some effects, e.g. frames, buddies

  • Silent camera (if device supports)

  • Tweak hardware options: autofocus, whitebalance, nightshot...

  • Send, share your shots

  • 1-click upload photo to facebook, twitter, flickr, etc - All At Once!

  • Customizable grid overlays


  • Stable Shot: on-screen meter to show current level of movement

  • Timer

  • Voice Activation: take a picture by clapping, shouting.....

  • Burst Mode

  • Collage

  • Time Lapse

You can import existing photos from your phone's gallery by clicking menu ->Import.


  • Combine effects using non-distructive editing

  • Process at full camera resolution (up to 8 mp if avail)

  • 10 ready made presets: Diana, Retro, Holga 35mm, Toy Camera...

  • 20 Color FX: vintage, lomo, cinematic, funky, pencil...

  • 13 Frames: thin, rounded, lens, polaroid, filmreel...

  • 6 Vignette Surrounds: heavy, invert, spotlight...

  • 12 Distort FX: fisheye (like fxcamera), mosaic, twirl...

  • 9 Mirror FX

  • 3 Tilt-shirt FX

  • Crop to any size of your choice: 9x8, square, instant, 6x4...

  • Digi composites (photoshop style overlays)

  • Props and famous 'buddies' in your pictures (move and resize)

  • Create stunning collages: e.g. 2x2 passport style combination shots

  • Random effects

Full screen shutter: click anywhere on screen to shoot!
Animated shutter effect
Support geotag/exif tags
Select sdcard folder to save photos (incl external sd)
Auto save shots
Win $100 in Instagram style photo contest
Pro scene modes, e.g. nightshot, beach (Droid only)
View last shot in picture gallery
Use as default camera
Rotate/crop photos
Widescreen lens/capture (if device supports)
Support from Android 1.5 through to Android 4.0 (incl tablets)

WHAT'S IN THIS VERSION: (Updated: Nov 15, 2012)
bug fix: fix gray FX photos saved direct before edit screen

Download Link:
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