Advanced Task Manager Pro v5.0.2 Apk Download

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Requirement:- Android Varies with device

Android device are blamed for getting their batteries drained and memory consumed rapidly, this is where the Advanced Task Manager Pro v5.0.2 comes to rescue.
This is one of those android apps that are out in the Google store to help you conserve the battery of your android device and let you get rid of the apps that are taking up the memory so much and tending your phone to work slowly and give you the worst experience ever using the android device the android apps are here to help you only if you get them on your devices.


  • The Advance Task Manager Pro is the android apk app that is going to save your device from getting slowed down to the snail's aped and to prevent the apps that are shutting down on their own just because sometimes there is not enough space for them to do the proper working.

  • This android app tells you al about the apps that are installed in your device. They sometimes need to be stopped, uninstalled or just leave as is.

  • The mimory consumed by each app in your device is also brought to the users attention by the help of this app. So that the apps that you are not using and they are just sucking up the memory of your phone can be uninstalled right away.

  • At a single time there are number of apps that might be working at the hind which might be slowing down the speed of your phone or eating away the memory of your phone, these are the apps that are needed to be stopped and the task manager does that by killing them. You can choose the apps that you want to stop working at the back and leave those out that are okay to work at the back.

-Fix auto kill apps selection disappeared bug


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