SB Game Hacker v2.0.2 Apk Download

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Requirement:- Android 2.2 and up
The easiest and most powerful Game Modifier. Free and no ADs! Made by SBman from China! SBgameHacker is the most easy-to-use Android game modifying artifact (no one). The final is small, fast, green, free, no ads.
The software to modify the game by modifying the memory data of the running game, money, blood, score, props, and the number of parameter values.
Simple and practical, like how to change, how to change your game you call the shots!

The accurately search: Search the value of the games you can see, practical vast majority of cases;
Fuzzy search: Do not enter a specific value (bank), according to data variation (larger/smaller/unchanged) data screening;
Floating-point (decimal): Game data is not an integer, you can not directly search data, belonging to a fuzzy search;
Data filtering: To determine the size of the data range, and improve efficiency;
See Tutorial: Modify built-in 3 sets of classic tutorial examples, at the same time the biscuits official website also modify the tutorial with more games.

Note: The game changes needs to normal use of phone root!


  • Added one-key to modify features, easily modify the game

  • Added local game support for a key to modify

  • Added auto-pause game, check for updates switch, search data caps, fuzzy search buffer select settings

  • Added search results list Select and clear function

  • Repair the memory address cannot be secondary editing

  • Repair some models cannot search data

  • Repair may lead to anti-encryption modifier wrong

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