DuckDuckGo Search & Stories apk Free

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DuckDuckGo Search & Stories apk
DuckDuckGo Search & Stories apk

Current Version : 2.0.24

Requires Android : 2.2 and up

Category : Books And Reference



DuckDuckGo Search & Stories apk Description

DuckDuckGo is a search engine like Google, but we don't track you and we give you more instant answers. Our app also has a home screen with the most talked about stories. Search anonymously. We believe in better search and real privacy at the same time. That's why:
• We don't track you:
• We don't filter bubble you:
• We don't collect or share your personal information.
• When you search DuckDuckGo, you are anonymous.Find instantly. Our app has tons of goodies, which are special searches that give you instant answers. They're great on the go since you have to visit less sites or apps to get what you want. Our old app didn't have access to all the goodies from our Web site, but this app does.Stay informed. Our stories home screen is a stream of interesting content that you won't find in regular news apps. All of the content comes from special feeds like "most shared" or "most up-voted." Check it out when you're waiting around for five minutes.In fact, in this app you get everything you can get from our mobile web site plus:
• Auto-suggestion of topics when searching
• Auto-suggestion of phone apps when searching
• Access to your recent searches
• StoriesAll of these new features you can turn off in the settings. To do so, simply tap the menu icon in the upper left.Please give us feedback at or at We listen!***
FAQHow do I replace Stories with Recent Searches? Tap settings icon (three horizontal lines) -> Settings -> Home screen view -> Recent searches.What story sources are currently available?
• Current events: BBC, CNN, Digg, Drudge Report, NPR, reddit Politics, Reuters, The Guardian, reddit TrueReddit, reddit Worldnews, Yahoo!;
• Entertainment: reddit Aww, Dear Abby, reddit Funny, reddit Movies, reddit Music, People, reddit Pics;
• Magazine: Browser, Feature, Longform, The New Yorker, Time;
• Newspaper: New York Times, Wall Street Journal;
• Sports: ESPN, Grantland;
• Technology: reddit Gaming, Hacker News, Lifehacker, reddit Programming, reddit Science, Slashdot, reddit Technology;
• Trivia: reddit AMA (Ask me Anything), Quora, reddit TIL (Today I Learned)Tags: duckduckgo, duck duck go, ddg, ddgo, duck search, search, search engine, privacy, private search, private browser.


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