Espier Launcher IOS7 Pro v1.0.1 apk download

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Requirement :- Android version 2.2 and above
The launcher makes your android operating system and it's visuals  look like a device running on ios 7 the launcher consists of various animations and icon packs which furthur more authenticate the look and visual dynamics of the whole operating system mostly the homescreen and the apps drawer change while others remain same with a few subtle amount of changes here and then around some parts of the icons packs.

Espire launcher manages to live up to the hype of the ios's visual style launchers in the present day market.If you want a launcher which is visually stunning in all elements and is similar to the ios 7 style along with it's eye catching font,styles and the whole ios 7 taste then this launcher is for you the user who wants to experience something more than android but wants to stick with the roots of android. Hurry!!up this launcher was made for you it's simple and aligned for your needs of simplicity and beyond the looks of android in android now,it all possible you are just a click away from experiencing this bundled delight of ios 7 on your android.

The best possible launcher for your android device if you crave ios 7 's vivid and simplistic looks. The launcher runs smoothly and doesn't require any heavy processing  power to it and  the best part is that  it supports devices from android version 2.2 and above which is a plus point for any android device user who wants a well defined and simple skin over their phones own default launcher.

The question is would you download this launcher? if you could then, the answer is why not just give it a go and let the experience take you away to experience the utmost ios 7 visual experience on android. The launcher is capable enough to support any devices running in the android ecosystem ranging from android version 2.2 and above which is a plus point for anyone who owns an android device which runs on the ranging OS i.e android version  which ranges from 2.2 and above.

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